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Hi there,

I'm not sure whether this is a DTM bug or some problem with my browser. Although, I've tried this with multiple DTM accounts & properties using various browser combinations, but still it didn't work for me. So, here are the steps to reproduce this scenario:

  1. Create/Open a DTM property and add Adobe Analytics tools in it.
  2. Make sure you mention appropriate report suite IDs in the 'Report Suites' fields(for staging & production) provided for it [refer to the screenshot below].
  3. Make all necessary changes in the tool and then click on 'Save Changes' button.
  4. Now, what if someone wants to set the report suite IDs through the custom code inside 'Library management tab?
    Open the same tool again and remove the RSIDs from the Report Suite fields which we referred in the step# 2(above)
  5. Go to the 'Library Management' tab, tick the checkbox which says - 'Set report suites using custom code below' and then set the report suite ID(s) inside the Custom code editor overlay [refer to the screenshot below].
  6. Save the custom code editor & then click on 'Save Changes' button of this tool.
  7. When the page refreshes, you could still see those report suite IDs inside the fields which we removed in the step# 4(above) [refer to the screenshot below]

Please do let me know if I'm missing anything in the above steps or else, please suggest some workaround for removing the RSIDs from the 'Report Suites' fields.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Abhinav,

As per the above scenerio mentioned by you, We would have to check with development team of DTM and confirm the same . However for setting the report suites dynamically based on the URL please follow the points mentioned below.

1. Open the “Customize Page Code” editor and add the code that will set the report suite based on URL conditions. The example below will set the s.account based on the current URL. Please make sure  the precedence setting under the global “Customize Page Code” configuration is set to “After UI Settings” This will allow your code changes to override the use of default staging or production report suite settings.

s.usePlugins=true ; function s_doPlugins(s) { var get_url=window.location.href; var suiteid; if(get_url.indexof("www.xyz.com")!=-1) { suiteid="prod-1,prod-2"; } else { suiteid="stag-1,stag-2"; } s.account=suiteid; } s.doPlugins=s_doPlugins;

Please let me know if you have any queries regarding the same.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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