DTM Activated but not able to go to Home Page




I have setup the account in the Admin Console and has added myself as Admin and Product Owner for DTM and Adobe Analytics both.

There are 2 problems I am seeing:

1)   When I go to the “Activation” link in the context menu at the top right corner and click on “Launch” link on the page (pl. see screenshot below)  as suggested in the activation email I received once the request got completed, I just see this popup with no directions what to do next:1.jpg

2) When I try to go directly to https://dtm.adobe.com I sign in using Adobe ID Enterprise account it takes me to a feed page(https://adobedpsdemo.marketing.adobe.com/content/mac/adobedpsdemo/home/users/C9C3/nauOOn96icQrIk6nWP... ) rather than the DTM home page where I can setup account, Web Properties, setup rules, etc.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Mohit,

It sounds like you may have an issue with your product configuration groups in the Admin Console. They may not be mapped correctly. Here is a similar question where a user just wasn't an Admin. I've copied and pasted the relevant information below:

Unable to create web properties


Have a look at a video and knowledge base article I produced a few weeks ago (linked below). In both of these, I show how to properly set up a permissions group in the Admin Console and map it back to a DTM permission level.

Video - How To: Map a Product Configuration Group - YouTube

KB Article - Map a product configuration to a solution permissions group

You can check to see if your existing groups are mapped to DTM permissions correctly by launching the admin console --> click on products from the left nav --> click on DTM --> click on one of the "admin" permissions groups --> look for the mapping (shown in red below)



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