do page load rules evaluate on each page or only specific



hi ,

I have 20 page load rules  . 

My question is do all page load rules execute on each page or only the rule related to that page .

Reason why I am asking is 

when i have condition  path contains and i hardcode the path or URL , in DTM debugger only the page load rule fires shows ,

whereas when i  create a data element where i get value from page title and add condition to rule  data element value =  title ,

there it shows condition not met for all the other pages .


If i understand it correct then when url strings is defined as static it is not evaluating all page load rules ,

WIll evaluating all page load rules based  on data element make the page slow or all rules evaluate anyways .



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Each page load rule would be evaluated on every page load. If the conditions for the rule were met, the rule would fire. If you are using a data element, the data element would be evaluated every time it is called. After the data element is evaluated, the rule would fire if all conditions were met for the given rule.

I'm not aware of any noticeable delay in using either method. You could test this in your own environment with the developer tools in your browser.



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