Data Flow in DTM Enabled Applications




Let us say I have integrated Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target with AEM using DTM,

The events and properties from AEM, in real time reach Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target directly or they first come to DTM and then divert to Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target?

Of course, the configuration of these integrations is done using DTM, but I am talking about the data flow in real time.

Appreciate all your quick responses.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Rama,

The DTM back end does not collect or receive any data from your page. DTM is a client side javascript library that runs in the browser to help create and send various marketing pixels based on events and conditions that exist within the browser.

To answer your question directly:

  1. AEM generates the website and DTM generates a JS library containing the logic and code to fire pixels
  2. Your web server delivers your website and javascript files to the browser
  3. The browser displays the website and runs the various javascript files
  4. the browser sends the various marketing pixels to their various destinations based on the logic setup within DTM and on your website.
  5. Adobe beacons are collected by Adobe datacenter and processed for use in the various Adobe solutions.

Hopefully, this answers your question.