Customer ID setup in DTM (Marketing Cloud ID Service)



Trying to understand how to properly set up Customer ID in DTM (Marketing Cloud ID Service). As I understood from this article, the Customer Settings should be used to specify the ID.

Could you please validate if the scenario described in this article is properly set up in the screenshot below?


visitor.setCustomerIDs({ "userid":{ "id":"67312378756723456", "authState":Visitor.AuthState.AUTHENTICATED }, "puuid":"550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000" });

DTM Setup:

Answers (2)

Answers (2)




Hi Andrey,

You deployment should be correct. You are even using Data Elements to populate the correct values so all should be fine

Best regards.

Alexis Cazes

Lead Technical Support Engineer



Hi Andrey,

I am planning to parse the customer id very soon and would like to get some advise from you as you have already done it in DTM.

Can i do the set up by only using data elements (i.e. setting user id, authstate for that particular customer)? or will i require that piece of javascript?

I understand that puuid is used when you have multiple IDs, are you the one generating that random string? can i just ignore that puuid as i don't expect to have multiple ids?

It is also mentioned on the website that the customer IDs and authentication states need to be parsed on every page. Once the user logs out do you use a certain logic (i.e. cookie based) to persist the customer id for his/her visit while logged out?

Thank you