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I want to integrate a Tracking Pixel with variables:

<iframe src="[VARIABLE]&orde..." height="1" width="1" border="0"/>

The variables [VARIABLE], [Transaction_value] and [Currency] are still on my site in the data layer:

[variable] = _satellite.getVar("transactionID")

[Transaction_value] = _satellite.getVar("transactionRevenue")

[Currency] = _satellite.getVar("transactionCurrency")

1. How can I get this data layer veariables in the Conversion Code?

2. What implementation method should I use in the rule (sequentiell HTML, sequentiell java, not sequentiell)?

Many thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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The pixel you provided is an HTML iframe. By default, that tag does not support dynamic variables. In order to dynamically populate a variable, you will need to use some sort of script to populate the URL. Below is one way you can accomplish this, but you can find others by doing a quick search for "dynamically populating iframe src".

In this case, you'd deploy an <iframe> tag, preferably with a unique id. Then you'd deploy a version of the script below where you populate the url that will then be dynamically injected into the iframe. In the script below, you should be able to use  _satellite_getVar() to retrieve the value of DTM data elements.

window.onload = function() { var url; //You can get this url dynamically from an ajax request or from a form etc 

// To Do : A function to populate url with a valid url from any method you prefer. 

// Set an ID for the iframe. Let us give that an id of myframe

document.getElementById("myframe").setAttribute("src", url); }

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