Click on Link is counted twice



Hi there,

I set up a couple of click events in DTM. I also added custom variables to each click event in order to save the link name. I did this with two links on my page (it is a one page website). I tried to debug it and now something very strange happens.

if I click on the first link, everything is tracked correctly.

after that, if I click on the second link, the second link is also tracked correctly but there is also a second server call sent which tracks the first click again.

So if I take a look at my report in adobe analytics I have two instances for the first click and one instance for the second click. But that is not correct, there should be one instance for each link, since I only clicked each of the links once.

Do you have an idea what I did wrong?

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




In general, if you put DTM into debug mode, DTM will output messages to the javascript console that may help narrow down the issue. You should see messages prefixed with "SATELLITE: " output to the js console that tell you things like which rules were triggered.

What happens if you click the 2nd link first (don't click on the 1st link)?  Do you still get 2 Adobe Analytics server calls? Does the extra call still have the first link's info?

If clicking on the 2nd link first (no touching the 1st link) yields an extra AA server call w/ the 1st link's info, then it sounds like you may have multiple rules triggering, probably because of a CSS selector that's too broad.

If clicking on the 2nd link first (no touching the 1st link) yields an extra AA server call with either the 2nd link's info (or whatever custom vars you pop are missing) then it sounds like you may have Adobe Analytics configured for automatic exit and/or download link tracking, and the link you clicked on triggers it, and the extra server call is coming from that, and whatever coding you did to set variables in the rule for your first link (and maybe your 2nd link too, depending on how you answer these questions) are bleeding over to the automated tracking.

Hopefully this points you in the right direction. If not, then it would be a lot more useful if you are able to provide a link to the page for us to look at.