'Catch' GA events with DTM and send into Adobe Analytics



Hi everyone,

We have a web application that integrates with Google Analytics but not with Adobe Analytics.

Actions taken within the application go into the events section of GA. There are 10 different event types.

I was wondering if there was a way to use DTM to 'catch' these GA events and send them into Adobe Analytics as either an event or eVar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi zaned72942122​,

I haven't added the GA events myself, they're hardcoded within the application itself. Also, to complicate matters, the application is deployed via an iframe where I don't have any DTM coverage.



Why piggyback off of GA events?  Why not just send data both to DTM and Google Analytics at the same time as two separate entities (as they are)?  Somewhere in your code you are pushing the GA events, just add onto that part of your code and include pushes to DTM.