Bucketing Up Data from Different Report Suites to One Global with DTM



I'm working on a website with existing Omniture tags in all the pages (100s), which have been assigned to different report suites. I'm afraid we cannot track campaigns or perform path analysis across the website because of that. We also don't have access to the current s.code files as well as the pages html code at this moment; but the good news is (I believe) Adobe DTM has been already implemented into the entire site. Now, I'm wondering what is the best way to use DTM to send a copy of all the old tags data to a new global report and still keep the old report suites running and receiving what they're getting now. Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can copy Event Based Rules / Page Based Rules/ Direct Call Rules by selecting all the rule in the Rules tab , then click on Actions on the right, next to Create New Rule and ‘Copy Rules’.
It give you the option to select the Company and the property you want to copy the rule to.

No way to do the same for Data Elements.

If you are talking about transferring their native implementation, that is a manual task for their developers.





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