Automatic Download links tracking in DTM using s-code



Hi Team,

I was trying to track the file downloads via DTM by adding the following two lines of code to s-code,



But I was not able to get the server call for the file downloads which are happening on the site. Whereas I am able to achieve it by using the link tracking global setting in the adobe tool settings. Can anyone please help me with an Idea that Why I was not able to achieve it using s-code?

Thanks in Advance!

Sundhara M.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If you're adamant about putting these values in the s_code library, you could try putting it in the doPlugins function. doPlugins always runs last before firing an image request.

Adobe recommends using the UI for those fields, though. Is there a reason why you'd need to change these variables mid-visit?

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