Analytics Duplicate Tags-ObservePoint/Omnibug/Charles




We have recently implemented a direct call rule (which till trigger on each page load and configured as s.t() call) and configured few variables.

when a page is getting loaded, in the console (using a debugger on) it says that the direct call is fired only once but I see two tags in ObservePoint/Omnibug/Charles.

All the variables are same and the only difference is one tag has a referrer captured and another do not.

Is this an issue (is it duplicating the total page views)? If so, how to fix this?

Any help is appreciated.

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By default, the Analytics tool in DTM fires an s.t() call on every page load containing the variables set in your tool and page load rules. This is likely the first beacon and your direct call rule is your second beacon.

Can you explain why you are using a direct call rule? Typically, direct call rules are only used as a last result to accomplish something that can not be accomplished inside DTM alone.