Analytics calls are being suppressed/not fired in Firefox v67




I've noticed some of the DTM rules are not firing in Firefox v67 and I do understand Firefox has this new privacy policies against trackers but strange part is that not all the rules are blocked.

Currently, some of the DCR are blocked,for example I've 2 DCR to be triggered on click but only one executes. I can see satellite notification saying rule is fired but its analytics call is being blocked for some reason. We are seeing traffic lose for visitors how are using Firefox as some rules have filed to execute.

Any suggestions and work around is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Abdul,

All you need to do is,

1. Out of those two DCR rules, choose any one rule.

2. In this rule (I will call it dummy rule) do not add any adobe variables, just add _satellite.track("new_DCR").

3. Now create a new rule with the _satellite.track("new_DCR") string "new_DCR" and add all your adobe variables from dummy rule in this "new_DCR" rule. It should solve this issue.



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