All Vars being sent in download or exit link calls in DTM



I am leveraging DTM and I am setting the product variables and a prodView event on specific pages.

Because these are explicitly set, number of product views should be equal to the number of pageviews, however it is higher.  Upon further investigation it appears that the exit links and the download links are causing additional prodViews to occur. Looking deeper if I take the number of exits, the number of downloads and the number of page view it equals the number of prodViews.  When I pull apart the lnk_e call for an exit link the products variable and the prodView event are present.  

So my question is:  In DTM, how can I trigger s.clearVars() before the exit link or the download link tracking are called?

I tried using a rule with the condition return _satellite.isOutboundLink(this) but this actually triggers after the call has occurred.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Daavq - Not sure if you're still having this issue, but my bet is that you're using the Library Managed code for your s_code. Is that correct? If so, try moving it to Custom Code and setting:


That *should* clear your variables from the Exit/Download links on the page. Hope it works! Let me know if not.

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