AEM and AAM integration using DTM and Analytics



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I am trying to run some integrations around AEM > DTM > Analytics > AAM. Can anybody help me with steps to integrate AAM with Analytics using DTM. 

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As Parit pointed out, AEM has an integration with DTM which allows DTM to access the AEM context hub.

Analytics can be deployed via DTM by use of the Analytics tool in DTM. AAM can also be deployed via DTM. If you want to deploy DIL code directly to the page, you'll just need to add the AAM tool. However, if you are also an Analytics customer, you can forward your Analytics data to AAM via a server-side integration. This is done by contacting Customer Care with the tracking servers to be used by your implementation. The Customer Care team will enable your tracking servers for server-side forwarding. Once this is done, you will deploy the Audience Manager module in the custom code section of your Analytics DTM tool. Keep in mind, this integration only works if you have the Marketing Cloud ID Service deployed.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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Assuming you already have AEM--> DTM Ingetgration & DTM---->Analytics Integration in place. Please see the following Information about deploying Adobe Audience Manager using dynamic tag management.

Please do let us know in case of any more questions or queries.

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