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We are testing this tool and it works so fine but I have some doubts.

1. Versioning and rollback. I see a publishing history but I only have access to the current version of tags. Is not there a tag version history available?

2. How can I do tag scheduling? This option is always unchecked by default when I create a new property.

3. How works the Tracking cookie for opt-out status for receiving other cookies?

4.  How the custom code within the Adobe Analytics rule builder interface works? I´ve tried to populate products variable from there (as its not available through interface) but it didn't work. I had to custom all the code like a Javascript/Third Party Tag.

5. Event List in the Adobe Analytics rule builder is out of date. Currently there're 100 events available in a report suite and the list only includes 75.

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Additional details on the EU compliance option have been added to this page:

Regarding the tag scheduling option, in an upcoming release we will allow all DTM admins to activate this feature.  For now, only Adobe administrators can activate it.  If you'd like it activated right away, feel free to tell your account manager that you need a super admin to activate Scheduling for you.  

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Answers (3)




Thanks for your questions. I would say, all your questions are relevant here, however I am answering one of your questions now and will try to answers others as well:

Q. How can I do tag scheduling? This option is always unchecked by default when I create a new property.

A. You set up and mange scheduled tags in the Tag Insertion Manager (TIM). New tags, or changes to existing tags, start serving in approximately 30 minutes. To schedule a new tag:

1. From the Manage Data tab click:

  • Tags and find the container you want to add a scheduled tag to.
  • Scheduled Tags (edit) for the selected container.
  • Add a new one now or the Add new tag button.

2. Configure the tag:

  • Provide a name (required) and a useful description (optional).
  • Select pixels from the pixel list or enter your own code (JavaScript, IMG, or IFRAME only).
  • To help reduce page load problems, select a page position for the tag.

3. In the Set Tag Destination section, choose an option to determine where you want the tag to collect data on your site.

4. Schedule the tag. Select start and end dates and click Save.

To know more about Scheduling tags, you can Click Here.


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Thanks a lot I 've founded anwsers to other questions excepting 3

1. I found the way. I was incorrectly watching at publishing history and the option was available within the rules and elements.

2. You did it


4. You must to declare s object in this way s=window.s; s.products=........To avoid global vs local issues

5.Bug fixed yesterday