Adobe DTM: using a new property vs a new container




We are currently using one DTM Property for multiple websites. This has worked fine to date. However, we now have a new website that will be managed by a different group of stakeholders. This group of stakeholders should have admin rights for changing tags on their website. But should not be able to do so for the other websites.

The obvious solution is to create an additional property for the new website. However, I wanted to check whether there is any use case for keeping to one property for all websites and creating an additional container for the new website. What would be the pros and cons for such an approach? Would it be even possible to have admin rights at the container level?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Michael,

In my opinion when there are different teams working on different websites and there is no or very less visibility of changes across teams, the recommended approach would be to with the different Web properties.

If needed, Admins can copy rules across Web Properties to avoid any redundant work and later teams can individually make changes to their copies.