Adobe Debugger Doesn't Work with Page Load Rules?



I've implemented DTM on a website we are about to launch.

My configuration includes a Page Load Rule with conditions meant to exclude certain pages, but I noticed that those pages were being tracked anyways.

Adobe support told me that if I want to use PLRs I should disable the default beacon sent by the Adobe Analytics tool (by adding "return false;" to the code section of the tool).

Ever since I have made this change, the Adobe Debugger doesn't show Adobe Analytics even though I can see the PLR firing in the console.

Does the Adobe Debugger only work if the default beacon is enabled?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Ali,

Great question. The Adobe Debugger shows any analytics call whether it's an (link tracking) call or an s.t (regular page load tracking) call. Sometimes it won't show an call if it passes too quickly before the next page load. Have you updated to the latest debugger code? You can update here:

When you run the Disruptive Advertising DTM plugin, or enable DTM debugging with the DTM Switch plugin do you see the analytics instance loading? Alternatively, when using a packet sniffer (such as Charles or HTTPFox) do you see the calls going through?


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Answers (2)



Hi Ali ,

Can you please send your DTM Account details as well test URL to me or Tacia Coleman in a private message so that we can reproduce the issue at our end and further deep dive into the issue.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal



Hi Tacia,

Yes, using DTM Switch and the console I can verify that the data is being sent.

I do have the current version of the Debugger as well, but as I mentioned it doesn't show any Analytics variables when I have enabled page load rules and disabled the default beacon sent by the Adobe Analytics Tool.