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I am migrating from Tag Manager 1.0 to DTM. I copied my legacy s_code with all the customizations from last 4 years and pasted it in DTM Code editor. 

Note: I removed the Appmeasurement library and made the code editior blank in DTM and then pasted the compressed legacy s_code.


When I switched ON the DTM stage cookie. I am seeing 2 image request. One from DTM and other from legacy code with the same variables firing. My goal is to fire only 1 image request. Your response is appreciated.




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Ankit,

Are you still facing the issue i.e. Two image requests are being fired ?. if yes , Can you please take a look at below mentioned points.

1.Please check to make sure you are not  firing the additional s.t() call separately from the Page code.

2. No need to insert s.t() call in page load rule. The Tag loader code snippets (Header and Footer codes) takes care of that.

2. There is a known way in Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst) which let's you abort the image requests. You can try abort flag. 

Ex: s.abort= true;

Leverage this flag to stop the image requests on certainly pages. Try  abort flag and you should be good to stop the auto-execution.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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Answers (2)



DTM fires the s.t() call by default when you use the Analytics tool. So check to make sure you are not still firing the s.t() call separately within the page code. There are definitely use cases where you would suppress that default s.t() call within the Analytics Tool, such as for an Angular application; but for most cases it's easiest and best to rely on that call instead of a "hard coded" s.t() call.



I'm not positive if this will solve your problem, but you could try the following:

  1. Edit your Adobe Analytics tool
  2. In "Customize Page Code", insert the following code:
    1. return false;
  3. Click Save and Close
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Test if that prevents your second call.