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Allow for DTM to suppress/disable Tools for page load rules.


Level 9


When making an Event Based Rule or Direct Call Rule, there is a Tracking section at the top of each Tool's section to flag it to be disabled for the rule. 


However, this feature does not exist for Page Load Rules.  So for example, if I want to disable Adobe Analytics tracking on a certain page, there is no built-in way within DTM to do this.  Or for example, If I only want to output Adobe Target code on a certain page (e.g. landing pages), there is no native within DTM to suppress it. 


Please add this feature to DTM!  



Level 5


If you put s.abort=true; in the custom page code in the rule, it should block the page from tracking. However, it would be nice to have a radio button like the others.


Level 9


Hello MikeT,


Thanks for the comment! Yes, that is a workaround I use in some "better than nothing" cases but two things about that:


1) This only accounts for AA, not any other tools/tags


2) Using s.abort simply supresses the actual request to Adobe from happening. It does NOT wholesale stop AA from executing. So if you have any rules or other code invoked sometime before that final s.t or s.tl call, it will get executed - including s_doPlugins calls.  So for example.. if you have cookie based plugins this could affect cookie values or logic in general.  IOW using s.abort is generally a BAD IDEA in practice, depending on your tracking code setup. 




Level 2


A way I worked around this was to make a data element (like "firePage") and set to default to 1. Then I have custom script for that element and can set it to 0 for any URL, etc. I want.

Then in the global anlytics config under Custom Page Code I check to see if that dataElement is 0 and if so, I return false;


var firePage = _satellite.getVar('firePage');
if (firePage != "1") {
_satellite.notify('do not fire page',1);
return false;
} else {
_satellite.notify('ok to fire page',1);