Marketing Cloud Visitor ID - data collection at demdex?




we will start to use the new MCVID-Service and we will send requests to as described here: How It Works

i didn't find any information which data will get stored at and if there are any options for admins to change the behaviour of the data logs (eg. IP obfuscation).

would be great to get some information about data processing and especially data storage at

kind regards in advance for all replies!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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The Demdex call is used to generate the MID value to be stored in the AMCV cookie on the user's browser. Any ID values – MCID(AMCV cookie), UUID(demdex cookie) and any declared IDs sent by the customer along with associated properties like authentication states, co-op safe/unsafe etc. are stored with MCID calls.

Hope this helps!

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