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Re: How actionable is the information given by an Auditor scan?


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Hopefully this tool will be improved.

For example some recommendations are not very actionable such as:


There's no information on what is the latest version of the Analytics script and no information on the tags referred in the DOM Ready (or rules at least).

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There should be relevant documentation links on the right side that takes you to the release notes for Analytics where you can see the latest Analytics version.


Level 3

There are some links.

However I'm using the latest version of AppMeasurement, 2.8.2, and Auditor still recommends to upgrade.


For the second recommendation


Load Order for DTM Rules link is not working (no topic found).



We are in the process of updating the Analytics test to look for the latest version of AppMeasurement.  We are also improving the test feedback to break out the different versions found, if any.  The DTM help doc link has been fixed. 

Thanks for the feedback!  These items will all be addressed soon!