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Hi Felipe,

As per the Documentation of the AEMM Support only some well know integration can be supported, these integration are based on Rest Api.

For Plone integration with AEM so you need one service in the plone side that will return the Json data based on the Requirement.

Below in the Restful Api documentation of plone:

plone.restapi: A RESTful hypermedia API for Plone. — plone.restapi 1.0a1 documentation  with the help of this documentation you will create a service that take some input whether in (get,put,post,delet) call and return Json data based on the input call.

And then call this service from AEM and consume that Json data and do operation whatever you want.

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As of now AEMM supports only a few set of CMS integration. If you need to work on other CMS, you need to use On Demand API's to create html files, package this to .article file and upload this to AEMM. Please refer PHP method for On Demand API usage for more details: