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victoriab608351 24-01-2019

I am looking to conduct a 50/50 split test on a wildcard page within the VEC - however I can only see that I am able to create an experience on a page by page basis. Is there any way within the VEC that I can create an experience to apply to a collection of pages with the same URL i.e. find-an-item/*item-code*

So we could have a scenario where we would want to add an additional copy block on the following pages:






However within the VEC I am only able to see how I navigate to find-an-item/*abc1* and make a change on this page.

Is more advanced development knowledge needed to action this?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


When you are in VEC, click on the gear icon on the top and select Page Delivery.

Add a Template URL where you can set various conditions using "contains", "start with", "end with" for entire URL or URL components like domain, path, query string.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

gaureshk3014423 20-06-2019

Hi victoriab60835139 ,

As Andrey answered, you can use the page delivery option present inside the gear icon on top of VEC.

You can read Include the Same Experience on Similar Pages for more information.



but you need to be sure that the element you are editing is present on all pages with the same element id or class in case you are using id/class in site preference option (present in same gear icon in VEC) to edit page. As it delivers content with the help of element ID or class.


Hope this helps you!


Gauresh kodag.