Why is the the default value of mboxDefault visibility: hidden?




I'm trying to wrap a banner on a webpage with an mbox div but it disappears once I run it on my local host because the visibility is set to hidden. I know that I can force the visibility to visible by doing this:

<div class="mboxDefault" style="visibility: visible;"> content abc </div> <script type="text/javascript">mboxCreate('mboxabc');</script>

but is that the correct way to go about it? Do I really have to add styling to force it to show my default content? I thought mbox will only set my visibility to hidden when I chose to pull in snippets.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The style for mboxDefault is hidden at first so default content doesn't show on the screen before the Target content returns. The response from Target triggers the visibility to change on the mboxDefault div (if no offer response returned), or the mboxDefault div is replaced by the offer content div.

Are you making calls out to Target on your localhost and getting responses? If so, then the visibility shouldn't be a problem.


-Kimen Warner

Group Product Manager, Adobe Target

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