Where is Target Data stored ?

CCWC19 15-10-2015


I have a client that is exploring Adobe Target at the moment, however one question that came up is where (Data centres, physical boxes holding the data) is the data stored ?

In this context, "Data" is campaign configuration, HTML offer values, campaign results. 

Is there any options to choose where the location of the Data is stored ? 


The reason why I ask is because we have to comply with legal requirements set upon us that any solutions we use needs to be hosted within Australia. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Nikhil_Bisne 15-10-2015



There is an option to choose the data center however the best person to help you understand this would be your account manager. There are multiple reasons why a data center is selected while setting up an account, hence would request you to reach out to your account manager to understand this.




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