Where can I find my tenant name, bearer token and api token in Target?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Zhengquan,

1. tenant-name is first part of the URL when you log into Experience Cloud. So abc is teant name in following URL:


2. api-token is generated for each integration that you create using Adobe I/O Console .

3. bearer-token needs to be generated with help of JWT. This process is explained in detail in Adobe documentation.

4. For generating Public Keys and Private keys, teh fastest way is to use Self-Signed Certificate Generator . With a sibgle click, it generates 2 files:

.key - this is your private key

.cert - this is your public key (rename the file to have extension as .crt before you use it while creating integration.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Adobe team,

We have got a request stating that we need to change the tenant name of the Prod environment, Where and how could it be changed...!! Can I please let us know?. Fast replies will be appreciated.