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Per target basics webinar Q+A: apparently custom code renders at the top of page or even in header. Doing it in-line will apply the text, html, or code changes where you make them. How do you actually determine when to use in-line vs. custom code? What is potential impact of change rendering at top of page vs. where you make them?

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Hi Lauren,

Good question. I generally try to stick with the "in-line" type modification when possible. However, I find the custom code can sometimes be necessary or easier in some case - though there isn't a hard and fast rule that I'm aware of. Here are some example use cases I use custom code for:

  1. If I want to make a custom CSS change to an element (beyond the typical modification) like the background image reference.
  2. When I want to make changes to an element that exists many times on the page or even a dynamic number of times. Doing the change one time with custom code can be much easier then visual modification repeated over an over for the same element.
  3. Changing the functionality of an element on the page.

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