When is an Audience Ready to Use ?



I'll be firing up a test in the near future and on the same day we will be activating an Audience based upon a custom Mbox parameter

My question is, does it take time to build up this audience, or will Target know to include the visitor right away upon page load ?

The order of actions in Launch are

Load Target > Response Token Listener > Add Params to All Mboxes > Fire Global Mbox

As a hypothetical, let's say we want to only include logged-in users

  • In Launch, the data element indicating the logged-in status is added as a parameter to all mboxes and this will be published in Launch
  • Very soon after, when the parameter becomes available in the Create Audience > Add Rule > Custom > Parameters drop down, the audience will be added to the test and the test will be activated
  • If a visitor then accesses the page where the test lives, will the be eligible for the test upon that page load ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Alandy_Iceboats​ Target audiences are considered real-time audiences. So you should see users qualifying for the audience as soon as they satisfy the audience criteria .

Here's a document that gives you a quick overview on the different audience options in the experience cloud.

Audience creation options in Adobe Experience Cloud

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