When building audiences, is entering a value in each line indicative of an "or" or a "and"?

dstardom08 04-01-2019

I am referring to the following: File “Adobe Target - Google Chrome 2019-01-04 13.58.22.png”

If I put 55555 in one line, and 44444 in the next line, will it interpret this as an "or" where only one of these crtieria must be met, or will it interpret it as an "and" and require both conditions to be true?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi dstardom08​,

Each line will be interpreted as an OR condition. So based on your example with 55555 on top line and 44444 on the next, the logic would read like so:

zip codes that equal 55555 OR 44444