What do I lose by disabling EEC?



because of a whitelisting issue, we are force to disable EEC for now.

I am trying to find out what features do I lose by disabling EEC but getting nowhere.

The "best" one I found is this vague statement:

"When you use the Enhanced Experience Composer, the website is manipulated behind the scenes by a proxy server that updates all link urls to make them work in the proxy."

from this page Visual Experience Composer Best Practices and Limitations

Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there and thanks for your question! You might find this chart helpful:

Choosing between the Visual and Enhanced Experience Composers

The table below shows which experience composer option best supports frequently encountered issues.

IssueVisual Experience Composer SupportEnhanced Experience Composer Support
Mixed ContentMixed content can be enabled for the current session.Supported.
JavaScript-based iframe BustingNot supported.Supports most iframe-busting techniques.
X-Frame-OptionsUse browser add-ons, such as Requestly on Chrome, to bypass x-frame-options.Supported.
Cross Origin IssuesSupported.Not supported.
Authentication WorkflowSupported. If authentication works in an iFrame, it will work in the Visual Experience Composer.Depends on implementation.
IP BlacklistingSupported.Proxy server IP addresses must be whitelisted.

You can read more on this page on Experiences in the Adobe Target Help Documentation. Feel free to reach out here if you need more information!

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