Webpage banner changes using Adobe Target



If user lands on A page and click on any CTA which contains x parameter value.

Depends on x parameter value the banner will be change on B page.

And this banner will remain till 5 visit of same user (if only x value is not changed during any CTA)

Banner will update after only either of these two conditions

  1. After 5 visit (if only x value is not changed during any CTA) the default banner will show on page B
  2. If CTA happen during the 5 visit of same user in which x value will change according to new x value banner will be updated

Please guide me on same as I am new in the adobe target

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there and thanks for your question!

It sounds like you are describing an Experience Targeting (XT) Activity in Target (you might want to check out more about the different Target Activity types). You will need to write a profile script that tracks how many times a visitor reaches page B by incrementing a counter in the script with that 5 visit parameter. Once the visitor has reached page B 5 times according to the script, they will see the default content, meaning that you will need to kick that visitor out of experience B -- you would need to set your success metric to be visitors that "went to page B and profile script shows greater than 5 visits".Check out more info on Profile Scripts and on Experience Targeting to learn more. Hope this is helpful!

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