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Hello All,

The requirement is to show unique content for mobile users using Adobe Target - Experience Targeting.

Activity has been created with the below details:

  1. Experience A - All Visitors
  2. Experience B - Mobile Users ( created an audience using Rule --> Mobile --> is Mobile Device --> True)


  1. Please note that Experience B will have dynamic content
  2. We are noticing a 'Warning Message'. (refer attached)


Experience B content is not showing up when we access the website in mobile phones.



Warning - Adobe Target.png

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Prathiv,

If this is an old activity, I would validate if some changes have been made to the page since the creation of this activity.

However, as you mentioned there is dynamic content being added to this page, this pertains to The structure of the page being modified during page load (at run time). Have a look at: Troubleshooting Activities

and note: In order for Target to recognize where activity changes should be applied, avoid dynamically inserting an elements with the same class or dynamically modifying the class of any siblings.

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