Using server side delivery API for customer attribute data import





What we are trying to achieve is – being able to import customer attribute data using server side delivery API, add new attributes, their values, update existing values etc.


I am reaching out to you regarding an issue with adobe’s technical documentation that we identified for Adobe target. This pertains to the server side delivery API.


The legacy API documentation states below:



Parameters that should be set in the profile.

The end values in the profile are saved as profile.param=value.

Empty   Cannot contain more than 50


There is a latest version of the server side delivery API


What is not clear from the documentation is


a) if the profileParameters in target can be updated using the new server side delivery API, instead of the legacy. As per the documentation, it is listed in the old documentation, but not in the new.

b) If the server side profile attributes can be updated in real time? i.e what is the time delay involving the data import?



Sri K



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