Using Segments in Adobe Target



Adobe Target activities can use segments created in

a) Adobe Target (based on Global mBox parameters)

b) Adobe Audience Manager

c) Adobe Analytics.

For a use case such as Abandon Basket, which approach is best to use? As per the documentation, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics Segments have latency associated with them while mBox parameters can be sent to Target in real time. What does the best practice suggest?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





This is a good question, you have many options:

Using an AAM Segment

    > The AAM trait will be realized when the user abandons the cart [i.e of the Analytics metrics cart abandment]

    > Once the user returns to the Homepage / [or designated personalization page]

    > The end user will see a personalized banner or DOM object.

If you want to take it even further and full advantage of the Adobe IO Platform you can look into '' Adobe IO Events - Analytics Triggers ''

Please see the following video here

Hope this helps!


Joshua Eisikovits | Global Lead, Platform Support | Customer Experience | Adobe


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Answers (1)



Thanks Joshua for your inputs! It is very helpful. For real time data transfer to AAM, Adobe also provides DCS API to store the data directly on edge servers which can then be used for re-targeting the customers. Which is better to use - Adobe I/O or DCS API as end result seems to be the same for both the approach.