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I am working on a POC for calling profile parameters in an mbox, and I see plenty of instruction for how to do this in Target Classic, but nothing in Target Standard. Is anyone doing this now?

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Hi Pam,

If you via a mbox (or the API) populate the specific profile field, then you need to refer to it like ${profile.paxType} and if you created the specific profile field via Profile Scripts, then you would use ${user.paxType}.

It is therefore important, that you always know how you are populating the specific field within Adobe Target.


Try that out and let me know if it works 🙂


Best Regards,


Thomas Løjmann

Lead Architect

eCapacity A/S

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Answers (3)



Hi Pam,

Just wanna confirm here , I believe you are adding the script code to your mbox.js file , if not than try that.

For better debugging of mbox call : can you check the mbox trace by adding the url with the below parameter


You can grab the authentication token from your marketing cloud by going to  [Target -> Setup Tab -> Implementation on Left Rail ]

Hope this helps .


Arpit Gupta



Absolutely! The goal of the POC is to use an mbox to load profile parameters for authenticated users into Target, then on another device/browser, after authentication, to use those profile parameters to deliver content [specifically populating an ordering widget]. In a use case we would use dynamic values, but for the POC we are great with static.

e.g., of adding the parameters [per]

<div class="mboxDefault">
    <p>Testing adding profile parameters.</p> 
mboxCreate('test_profiles', 'profile.eVar45=eVar45', 'profile.origin=DAL', 'profile.destination=NYC', 'profile.dateOut=02/12/2017', 'profile.dateRtn=02/12/2017', 'profile.paxType=ADT', '');

It is my understanding that in Target Classic, we would then use something like following code in the offer order to 'show' the profile parameter values: ${profile.origin}

I am not seeing any values passing however.