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ChrisWDa 15-06-2018

Hey all,

I've recently started working with Adobe Target and have started to setup the mbox for order confirmations, using trackEvent.

I'm now adding a formSubmission mbox that will send through details of the website section, url path, and optin preferences. I want to make sure its working correctly across the website. Is there a place within Target that I can view all mboxes that have been sent? Or is there another way to test that they are working correctly?

Many thanks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


HI ChrisWDa

Target UI does not hold such information. However, you can always check the parameters being passed in the mbox through

1. Network Calls response

2. Marketing cloud debugger

3. mboxtrace of the page

This might also help > Troubleshooting Content Delivery 

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Answers (1)

ChrisWDa 20-06-2018


I've been having problems with the Marketing Cloud Debugger and MboxTrace. Neither work as intended for me.

But I've used Network Calls and mboxDebug which both worked.

Thanks for the help.