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Hi Team,

I have a specific requirement regarding hide and show my experience using experience target. It is

My Component should be visible only, if user visited atleast 3 particular pages.

I have made an 2 audiences, first in which component should be visible is

Visitor Profile: user.numVisits is greater than or equal to



Traffic Sources: Referring Landing Page: URL contains

particular page url

and another experience in which I am hiding the component is

Visitor Profile: user.numVisits is less than


But, my component comes every time on page, if it reaches number of visits more than 3 in target, it is not working on user basis.

Let me know, what I am doing incorrect.

Your quick reply will be apprecaited.

Thanks in Advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Harshit,

Thanks for your question! You might find these resources on Setting Metrics and Success Metrics in the Adobe Target Product Documentation helpful.

Additionally, be sure to join the webinar this Thursday, Jan. 25th at 10am PST on the Discovering & Managing Audiences for Maturity webinar (part of the Personalization Thursdays webinar series), where you can pose your questions directly to Adobe Target experts & product managers. Check out the event description below, and be sure to register here today!

The quality of audiences and segmentation are a key ingredient in the effectiveness and the maturity of any optimization and personalization program. In this webinar, we'll learn how to discover what are important profile attributes for audience segmentation, where to build and govern our audiences and audience personalization best practices.

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