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Hello all,

we are a European company and use the required cookie opt-in on our website. This currently means that Adobe Target is not loaded until cookies are accepted. In this form, Adobe Target cannot be used by new visitors to the website, for example during an AdWords campaign.

Using the functions of Adobe Target does not in principle conflict with the GDPR. For example, an A/B test. If I alternately play variant A or B I do not need cookie approval.

The problem is that Adobe Target always collects data. And at this point we need cookie approval. Is it possible to implement the target functions and target tracking independently of each other? In concrete practice it would look like this:

1. Sser visits the website. Adobe Target is loaded as a technically necessary cookie, user automatically sees variant A or B.
2. User is shown the cookie banner.
3. User decides to accept all cookies. At this moment the Adobe Target data collection is activated and we can see test data in the Adobe Target backend.

Is this possible? If no, it would be awesome if Adobe could implement this.

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This is an interesting scenario. It seems like it could be done with some customization on top of the prefetch/triggerView feature in at.js 2.X. It has the concept of sending content changes back but not counting someone as "entering" an activity/test until a later notification is sent.

Something like this could work:

  • During page load
    1. Load your at.js, it calls Target with prefetch of "pageLoad" - this gets applicable test content but doesn't "enter" the visitor in the test.
    2. call triggerView with page:false like so:


triggerView("pageLoad", {page:false});​


- this renders the test content but doesn't sent notification of "entry" to Target.

  • After visitor accepts cookies
  1. call triggerView again without the page:false like so:




- this re-renders the test content again and sends the visitor's entry notification to Target.

Here's the help doc on the prefetch/triggerView function. They were designed for single page app implementation, but it seems they may be a good fit for your scenario too!

Hope that helps.