Unavailable reporting source for targeting activities created in AEM




We're using AEM integration with Target for experience targeting and a/b testing. This worked fine, but we got challenged by business to adopt additional analytics for measuring & tracking activities. We adopted A4T (Analytics for Target) that is an integration of Target and Analytics, so the setup is: AEM for content management, Target for targeting and Analytics for reporting - all 3 connected and working together.

A4T brings ability to switch reporting source from Target to respective Analytics instance, but it only works for targeting activities created in Target console. Most of the operators use AEM for content management and targeting, hence targeting activities' source is AEM and reporting source cannot be switched for such activities. In short we don't want to let operators use Target for content targeting and prefer them to continue using AEM for that.

Any suggestions how to switch reporting source for targeting activities created in AEM?


AEM 6.2 integration with Target

Target uses at.js 2.1.0

Let me know if more details is needed...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





To have A4T working in the activities created from within AEM UI, you need to set up an Analytics Framework for the existing AEM Analytics Configuration. Once it's done, update the Target Cloud Configuration by linking it to the created analytics framework. This should make the trick.