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Hi team,

We are trying to implement a use case where Adobe Target personalizes the website based on the user behavior on the website for both anonymous and registered users.

use case 1: Anonymous visitor visits the certain product on website. On the next visit, an offer will be posted on home page.

use case 2: A loyal user(registered user) visits the website. He will see special offer on 'My offer' page.

Segments created into analytics are passed to target(via marketing cloud audience). Created experience targeting into target and selected the audiences(the segment of analytics) for each experience. But even after implementation we didn't see the personalized offers on website for both the cases.

We can see the data into analytics segment and personalization in target is working with target based rule like geolocation.

We have already activated A4T integration earlier. Are we missing any steps or implementation?

Kindly suggest!



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Manish, as a best practice (in this case and any other occurence when you dont see expected results), I'll recommend following these steps:

1. Use ttMETA in Developer Tools console or  Preview mbox call in Network tab of Developer tools to check wheteher you are qualifying for the activity.

2. If your activity appears here and you are also falling under right experience then there's some issue with your Experience code.

3. If your activity appears but you are falling under incorrect experience then check your Audience definitions

4. If your activity doesnt appear at all (and if you dont find any issue in step #3) then use mboxtrace to check that you are qualifying for the right audience (see link here Troubleshooting Content Delivery )

Hope this helps,


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