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This should be an easy question (i hope). I am trying to have the marketing team sign off on a test in Target Classic in their UAT environment. It is behind the firewall. I talked with the network guy and he said that I am probably right and that the code is bouncing off the firewall and that is why the test is not showing appropriately in this environment. Can someone tell me the IP range that I will need to have opened up so that we can get a return from Adobe. We are a US company located 15 miles from Adobe's Utah HQ.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi John ,

 It Sounds like you reach the Target Classic UI but just aren't getting the content back from the Edge servers. You don't need to whitelist all edges, just the one you would be hitting based on their location. Please see below Ip's based on location.

  • (Virginia)
  • (Tokyo)
  • (Dallas)
  • (London)
  • (Singapore)
  • (Hong Kong)
  • (Amsterdam)
  • (Sydney)
  • (Oregon)

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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