Trying to create API dashboard (to get A/b Test Performance report)




I am trying to create Trying to create API dashboard (A/b Test Performance report dashboard)  with my developer team.

And I am stuck at various places.

What does "Tenant" mean?  i cannot find the explanation in the help section (Target API v1.0 )

GET /{tenant}/target/activities/ab/{id}/report/performance

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Accepted Solutions (1)




{tenant} refers to your Experience/Marketing Cloud tenant. Usually it's the value of the subdomain when you log into the marketing cloud ui. Here's where you can find it when on the Target activities page.

It looks like the Target API documentation actually points you to the Adobe Campaign API documentation for help to setup the authentication (since it will be the same for either solution). Here's a link to it. The campaign doc has a little more info on the tenant value. It is something you can get from client care.

Adobe Campaign Standard API The "setting up API access" section is applicable to Target too.