Tracking is not happening in adobe target report summmary




We have created an activity which has the exit links as goal metric, the goal metric used option as "Use Analytics as metric" called "Exit to product retail link" which is the calculated metric, the data populates as intended in adobe analytics, but fail to populate in adobe target report summary.

Not sure what is wrong with the data population. Is anything wrong with the calculated metric ? or Is it to do with the setup configuration. ?

Higly appreciate any help on above.

Poonam B

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Poonam,

From the Adobe Source, Calculated Metrics are not supported for Analytics For Target (A4T), so you will not see the numbers in Target Summary Dashboard.


Calculated Metrics Limitations (To use): 
  • Funnels in Reports & Analytics
  • Fallout in Analysis Workspace
  • Cohort Analysis in Analysis Workspace
  • Data Warehouse
  • Segments
  • Real-Time reports
  • Current Data reports
  • Analytics for Target

But, after your reply, I went and created a Calculated Metric to see whether I am able to see the same in Adobe Target, it is reflecting. So, there might be two options:

1. Latency.

2. We cannot use complex calculated metrics [Assuming the Source].

Thank You, Arun.

{Edited my reply for everyone's understanding and perusal}

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