Track Conversions Across Multiple Pages



Good morning Target Community,

I'm trying to set up an Activity in which I want to track conversion from one page to the next. To do this, I added a page to an existing experience and created a segment to my combined audience to track said conversions. However, when I attempt to go through the page flow, the global mbox is firing, but I'm not getting into the experience on the subsequent page.

Additionally, I generated an Authentication Token, in which I'm getting "unmatchedIds" returned:

"campaignId": 152962, "campaignName": "Campaign Name", "unmatchedSegmentIds": [ 1520742 ], "unmatchedTargetIds": [ 2409501, 2409087 ] },

Any guidance you can provide on tracking additional pages, or how to solve the issue of unmatched IDs, is appreciated.

- Brion

Answers (1)

Answers (1)