To global or to regional, that is the question

THE_DK 30-04-2020

I'm a bit new to Target and trying to build some guideline docs.  Can anyone point me to a 'best practice' on when to choose a regional mbox over global mbox?  

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If you are talking about web use then typically the global mbox (AKA pageLoad for at.js 2.x) is the way to go as it allows you to use the visual experience composer (VEC) for experience setup.

Regional mboxes (AKA locations) are used in other channels/use-cases such as IOT, native mobile app, email, and server-side implementations of Target. They can also be used in a regular client-side web deployment though the vast majority of cases can be accomplished with the global or pageLoad request.

Here's a help doc that covers a little of this topic:

Hope that helps

karand53490614 20-05-2020

@THE_DK  If you are building a Target activity through VEC, then these would always be configured using the target-global-mbox.

Regional mboxes are used to configure form based activities which are used for channels such as mobile apps.