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I have two questions about Target.

First, I've built A/B tests on pages and for some reason my changes will not show up in Firefox even when I will change the manual allocation to 100 percent. Has anyone had any issues with Firefox or any settings you'd recommend to get the test changes to show up?

Second, will a conversion metric "clicked an element" set up on an external link be able to be tracked? I've set up a test with the metric and I'm not recording any clicks on the element and have tested on several browsers/devices.

Thank you for any insight anyone can provide,

Jason Darnell

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Hey Jason,

1. Content delivery might not be working for various reasons. Here are some pointers to help-

- Are you testing on a private window? If so, Firefox private browsing does block Target calls with the default "content blocking" setting like Mihnea mentioned^.

- What is the audience condition on your test? Generating an mbox trace will help determine if the issue is related to audience qualification or content delivery itself. If the issue is indeed related to content delivery, try using mboxDebug=1 as mentioned here Troubleshoot content delivery to output the actions performed on the page by Target in your browser console. Content may not be applied due to missing selector or other issues.

2. Could you provide an example of the click tracking set up? Here are some things to consider when setting up click tracking: https://docs.adobe.com/help/en/target/using/activities/success-metrics/click-tracking.html#considera...

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions!

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1. Yes Firefox tends to be overly protective probably why you aren't seeing the changes. Try these settings:


2. If you don't have Target implemented on the site where you want to track conversions you won't be able to track conversions there.

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