Testing Geo-targeting with mboxOverride.browserIp= query parameter



We recently set up an experience that is isolated to a particular state and I'm having trouble using the mboxOverride.browserIp query parameter to test out the experience. We have successfully tested on QA segments, but are worried the personalization will not fire for real residents of that state.

When using the mboxOverride.browserIp parameter I am not seeing the experience render properly, and I am not seeing a different IP in the mbox via the Adobe Debugger.

Any troubleshooting help would be appreciated!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Make sure to clear the mbox cookie prior to testing again. I just tested on both the API and client side calls. Both seem to be functioning properly. Perhaps you should go into the Setup -> Implementation -> Debugger Tools and generate a debug token and add that to the request url. For instance:


here is the same for the api

"requestLocation": {

    "pageURL": "https://www.blah.com/?mboxOverride.browserIp="


The debug will help in the sense in that it returns the override IP just after the actual IP:

"overriddenIpAddress": "",

If that field is showing anything different, I would then open a client care ticket.

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