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We have a series of category pages on our e-comm site. Each page can be sorted/filtered different ways. With each sort/filter the URL changes. How can I test the variations of this same URL to a single audience? I have tried setting up as A/B test, but the page delivery only allows for a single URL. I have tried using experience targeting, where I can add additional pages, but since the audience is the same, I can't add a second experience with the same audience but different URL.


URL #1: https://shop.lww.com/medicine/c/1?sortBy=tenant~publicationdate%2bdesc&facetValueFilter=tenant~ispri...


URL #2: https://shop.lww.com/medicine/c/1?facetValueFilter=tenant~isprimary:true&sortBy=tenant~purchasedtota... (default)


Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





I would switch back to A/B activity type. In regards to your previous statement: "I have tried setting up as A/B test, but the page delivery only allows for a single URL." That is not completely accurate. While you will only be able to designate one primary URL you do have the ability to specify additional URL parameters (By clicking "+Add template Rule") that can satisfy the URL requirement take a look at the screen-shot below where I demonstrate how to set this up. Additionally instead of is you can use contains to cast a wider net.

Given the requirement: "I want visitors to either of these two URLs to qualify into the activity."
URL1: https://shop.lww.com/medicine/c/1?sortBy=tenant~publicationdate%2bdesc&facetValueFilter=tenant~ispri...
URL2: https://shop.lww.com/medicine/c/1?facetValueFilter=tenant~isprimary:true&sortBy=tenant~purchasedtota...

I would define the Activity URLs like this:

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Answers (1)