Test & Target mboxDefault div overlays its content how to disable it.



I have 3 html offers and I am showing them inside the mboxDefault div;

But after 5 visits I don't want to show these html offers. The problem is showing the default content or completely not letting to user to enter to this campaign again.

* Once you enter one of these html offers you keep seeing the same html offer and you can't leave the campaign.( I choose the homepageMbox as the conversion and selecting exlude Default content to leave this campaign)

* On default content mboxDefault div still hides its inside (html page) and I can't see pictures on the homepage. 

What i am doing is i am showing different pictures than the main pictures on the homepage but after 5 visit i want to show the original pictures again so i have to disable the mboxDefault Div or make it's original content visible.

simple answer is create another hmtl offer and put original images into it but it is the same issue then i will the see the original images forever until deleting the cookie.

There must be some kind of script to display mboxes or not.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please try the below:

If the offer is not being delivered to the browser as part of a campaign:

  1. Delete mbox cookies, clear cache (history), then close and reopen your browser.

    The browser detects you as a new visitor and displays the new experiences and their offers.

  2. If your offer still does not render correctly, try all of the following.
    • Confirm the mbox on your page is properly associated with the expected offer as part of a campaign.

      You can see which campaigns an offer appears in at the bottom of the offer edit page.

    • Confirm that the campaign is approved.

      On the offer edit page (and elsewhere in the targeting admin interface), approved campaigns appear in green and the word "ongoing" appears in the right-hand status column.

    • To see the mbox requests being made and the offer content being returned on your page, use mboxDebug=1 as a url parameter on the page where you expect the content to appear.

    Also please go through the troubleshooting doc here.


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