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Sometimes, infrequently, my test and control do not add up correctly.  For example, let's say my test group is 10K unique visitors and my control is also 10K.  I would expect my activity total unique visitors to be 20K, but sometimes I see something lower than expected (i.e. 19,998).  Can you explain why this occurs?


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Accepted Solutions (1)





I've seen cases where Analytics for Target was enabled and there was a redirect on one of the experiences and the totals for ExpA + ExpB were above 100% in those cases the reason was because every once in a while credit was given to both the original and final destination due to the speed at which calls fired (race condition) however this appears to be a little different perhaps you can share a redacted screen-shot of a report showing this. Either way if you want to open a ticket with support we can help you look into the details.

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kathryns6136032​ Can you please confirm if you are using reporting as 'Analytics for Target'?

There could be scenario where same visitor sometimes counted in multiple experiences in Analytics.

Reference Document: View reports - A4T FAQ